The End of Time (Travel)

Here come the End Times… for the time travel unit!  Be sure to get all the credit you deserve:

  • Monday, 10/3: IN-CLASS Reading Reflection/Forum.–DID YOU MISS IT? GET YR POINTS HERE: time-travel-reading-reflection-11
    • Bring your book to class on Monday, 10/3.
    • Be prepared to write about: Vehicle, Rules, Paradoxes as they occur in the book.
    • We’ll write for a while to collect our thoughts, then we’ll discuss our results with the whole group.
    • 100 points.
  • Wednesday, 10/5: GROUP PRESENTATIONS.
    • Show us your Time Machine.
    • Tell us the “story” of where it came from and how it works.
    • Explain the “science” and the rules/paradoxes as they apply to your creation.
    • Demonstrate how the machine works.
    • Each person: fill out a “Group Evaluation Form”.
    • 100 points.
  • Tuesday, 10/11: Stories (the “10-page” paper) DUE.
    • Format for paper: 1.5 spacing, 12 pt font, standard margins.
    • 300 points.
    • Extensions must be requested BEFORE the due date.
    • Papers may be emailed to or turned in the old way: printed out on paper.  If you email your paper, please copy/paste the text into the body of the email.  Do not send an “invite” to your google doc–for whatever reason, those tend not to work.

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