Alien Story/Paper

DUE: Monday 11/21

Format: typed, 12 pt. font, 1.5 spacing, standard margins

Length: 5 pages*

Content: You will choose how to approach the Alien theme in your writing.  While stories are the most common type of writing I see for this paper, you may also choose to write an essay, screenplay, or…  If you have questions about what to write, come talk to me!

Prewriting: On Monday 10/24, we responded to the following prompts to get ourselves started on the papers.  We wrote on each for about 5 minutes, then took some time to add/combine ideas.

  • A story about an alien organism, disease, virus, etc.
  • A story that involves an alien environment.
  • Experiencing an alien custom/ritual/event.
  • Encountering an alien communication/Message/Language
  • A good ol’ story about an alien creature, monsters, aliens, etc., either extra terrestrial, or from this earth!

*If you have an IEP/504 accommodation that we should consider, let me know! 🙂


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