Writing Help for Imaginary Lands Stories

The final draft of your imaginary lands story will be due on Friday 3/10.

On Friday 2/17 we discussed the “hero’s journey” and talked about how to apply it to writing imaginary lands stories in the hopes that it might help you get around any existing writer’s blocks.  There are many online sources that can give you more details on the hero’s journey.  Here is one: http://home.rmi.net/~seifert/id22.html

And for the visual learners, try this fun one:Hero’s Journey Board Game

On Wednesday 2/22, we focused on “one small thing and a song”.  Start by sketching a small detail from your imaginary land (architectural, flora/fauna, clothing, a foot or a hand… anything! Imagine holding a magnifying glass up to some tiny thing in your imaginary land).  Next write a description of what you drew.  Lastly, create a short poem or song that relates a custom or history in your world (think of the sorting hat’s song from Harry Potter, or one of Gandalf’s historical battle poems from LOTR).

Add these into your Imaginary Land and see what happens!

And, we solidified the “real world” details of our imaginary lands by writing about:

  • People: What are the different types of people/sentient creatures?  What are the species called?  How are they differentiated?  What variations occur within each species?
  • Social Organization: How is the world ruled/governed?  What type of government is it?  How did it come to be?  What religions are practiced?  How much equality/freedom exists for people?  What sorts of wars/conflicts (current and historical)?
  • Cities: What is each city/town/village called?  What is the population?  What races make up the place?  What is the economic support for the city?  Industry, agriculture, etc…

Happy writing!