The Passion Project

Project Outline and Expectations

Please choose a topic that you are passionate about—something that does not feel like work, instead it should feel like a joy to learn and think about.

Next, I would like you to design your course of study and outcomes.  I will help you with this design, with guidelines, but I want you to be the person who makes this project happen the way you imagine it.

You will have a lot of freedom in the planning and creation of this project, I want to make it clear what my expectations are. You will need to do the following in order to succeed in this unit and pass this class:

1. NOVEL of CHOICE—you must read a book related to the topic.  This book MUST be a novel.  (If you have found other books that will help you in your process, GREAT, please include these in your bibliography, but they do not replace your need to find and read a novel.)

  • Have novel by Tuesday, April 4th!
  • In-Class Reading Reflection: Thursday, April 27th (100 pts.)

2.  INTERVIEW—I would like you to interview someone who is related in some way to your topic.  For example, if I am doing a project on Ashtanga yoga, I will then interview an Ashtanga teacher.  If your project is on the art of comic strips, you can interview someone who creates comics.  If your project is on painting, interview an artist.

  • scheduled by: Thursday, April 13th;
  • completed by: Tuesday, April 25th;
  • written reflection due: Monday, May 1st  (200 pts.)

3.  ART or VISUAL—I would like you to CREATE an artistic or visual expression of your topic.  Write a reflection about this creation too! Please be sure your project includes/shows your connection to this subject.  This may be a photo essay, an art piece, an essay, a recording, a film, a comic strip, a fiction piece, etc.

DUE: Friday, May 5th (100 pts. + 100 pts. for the written reflection.)

4. WRITING of CHOICE—create a 2-3 page written response that connects to your project.  This could be a rationale, or some other form of writing that relates to your passion.  For example, if your passion is music-related, your writing of choice might be some original lyrics.  If your passion is film-related, you might write a screenplay.  Check with me if you have any questions about what to write.

Due: Friday, May 5th (200 pts.)

5.  TEACHING—create a 20-minute lesson for the class in which you teach us about your topic.  Plan to hit the following three points: 1. What does your topic involve/how does it work? 2. What is your connection/history as related to your topic, and 3. Involve the class in your topic in some kind of interactive way (LOTS of possibilities here!  I will help you decide on a good plan).   Lessons will start Friday, May 5th, and run through Thursday, May 25th.  Your presentation MUST involve others, teach about your topic, and unveil your passion.

Due: various days in May. (200 pts.)

6. REFLECTION LETTER—a final, in-class response about your project.  We’ll do this on the last day of class: (Sr. Finals) Tuesday, May 30th; (100 pts.)

Use STANDARD FORMAT for all writing (12 pt font, standard margins, 1.5 spacing)

Total Project: 1000 pts.!

NOTE: the above expectations are exit requirements for this project and for this class.  You may not pass this class if these requirements are not met and met on schedule.

Is that all?

Of course not!  We’ll have several in-class assignments, some connected to the passion project, some not so much, but all worth points!

Passion Project Chronological Due Dates:

Check          Points                   Assignment                               Due

______          100              In-Class Book Write                    4/27

______          200              Interview Write-Up                     5/1

______          200              Art with Written Reflection     5/5

______          200              Writing of Choice                           5/5

______          200              Teaching                                          May

______          100              In-Class Final Reflection            5/30


Future Trip: thinking like a sci-fi writer.

Our next unit began today, 3/14 and will end with brief, in-class presentations on Monday 3/20.  The goal of the unit is to imagine ourselves as sci-fi writers/thinkers and to project the future of a currently existing system or technology.

You’ll choose a topic, educate yourself about it, and then imagine how it will look in the future.  You’ll type up your findings and projections in a 1-page abstract which you will read to the class when we share our work on Monday 3/20.

Tuesday 3/14 (PI day): Introduce unit, pre-write and brainstorm. Chromebooks will be here:  Research your topic..

Thurs 3/16, 10: Chromebooks will be here:  Write your abstract.

Mon 3/20: Present your abstract to the class.

The project is worth up to 150 points.  75 for a well-written abstract, and 75 for presenting it on Monday 3/20.