Future Trip: thinking like a sci-fi writer.

Our next unit began today, 3/14 and will end with brief, in-class presentations on Monday 3/20.  The goal of the unit is to imagine ourselves as sci-fi writers/thinkers and to project the future of a currently existing system or technology.

You’ll choose a topic, educate yourself about it, and then imagine how it will look in the future.  You’ll type up your findings and projections in a 1-page abstract which you will read to the class when we share our work on Monday 3/20.

Tuesday 3/14 (PI day): Introduce unit, pre-write and brainstorm. Chromebooks will be here:  Research your topic..

Thurs 3/16, 10: Chromebooks will be here:  Write your abstract.

Mon 3/20: Present your abstract to the class.

The project is worth up to 150 points.  75 for a well-written abstract, and 75 for presenting it on Monday 3/20.


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