Imaginary Lands Unit

For the Imaginary Lands unit, you will

  • Read a book that takes place in an imaginary land.
  • Create your OWN original imaginary land with map!
  • Write imaginary land stories that take place in the land you created.
  • Present your Map and Stories to the class.

Imaginary Lands work and due dates:

Imaginary Lands Reading Book:

Read a book that takes place in an imaginary land.  Start reading it this week and start bringing it next class!  Plan to write a two-page response when you finish reading.  The reading reflection will include: a) how does the hero’s journey compare to “The Hero’s Journey” aka “monomyth” that we discussed in class, b) sharing a detail of the imaginary land in the book, and c) discussing what point/lesson/comment your author might be making about the real world via the imaginary land in the book. Be prepared to share a quote/text example to support your ideas!

  • Book w/ you in Class: NOW
  • Written Response: Wednesday, March 8th

Map of your Imaginary Land :

A large, well-detailed, colorful map that includes:

  • Title
  • legend/compass
  • one-page explanation/history of the land

Rough draft check: mid-Feb.
Final Map Due: Friday, March 10th

Scoring: 150 pts for a map that is: Large, Detailed, Colorful, and includes a 1-Page Description.  -10 points for each element that is lacking.  (eg. A map that is Large and Detailed, but lacks Color and Description gets 130 points)

Imaginary Lands Writing:

Several short legends/stories from your Imaginary Land  OR The first chapters of your Imaginary Land novel.

Notes and Ideas to Consider:

  • Table of Contents
  • Cover
  • Location: can you get there from here? Or not!?
  • Time: does your imaginary land use normal “years” or some other calendar?Language: is there a different language spoken in this land (like Elvish or Klingon)?

Final Draft Due: Friday, March 10th

*As usual, Final Drafts must be PROOFREAD! typed, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman font, standard margins.


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